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Replacement parts as well as overhaul services are available from the factory. Motors received for overhaul will be disassembled, inspected and a full condition and cost of repair report sent to the customer before proceeding with any repairs.

Please check back soon to view our list of 12 series and 32 series motor parts. Individual parts prices will be furnished upon request.

Motor Configurations:
Motors may be configured to suit the customer's needs. Among the options available are: four bolt flange (standard), SAE straight thread connecting flange ports, harsh environment dirt seals, cone seals (32 series only), 8 piston version for 32-01700 model, heavy duty version of 12-01200 model, underwater sealing, shoe and multi disk brakes.
Contact the factory with your special needs.

Brake System:
The braking ability inherent in the hydrostatic transmission is normally sufficient for dynamic braking. A SROIB wet brake is under development for those applications requiring dynamic mechanical braking in addition to hydrostatic braking. Currently, two different systems are offered for emergency or parking brakes.

1. Mechanically operated internal shoe brake controlled by spring on-hydraulically released cylinder.

2. Totally enclosed multi disk brake. This brake is also of the spring on-hydraulically released type. Both the spring and hydraulic cylinder are built into the brake unit.

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